We weren’t supposed to do this alone

aboutus Apr 14, 2022

We weren’t supposed to do this alone

Today’s parents need help


The age-old saying goes: it takes a village. But today’s parents are more likely than ever to be raising their kid in isolation. We no longer have grandparents living just down the road, and new parents instead juggle full-time baby-raising alongside dual incomes, and little material or face-to-face support.

Plus, as parents we are working longer and harder than ever. The coronavirus pandemic increased the financial and emotional burden on families; with longer working hours and no time to kick back and relax through leisure and social activities before switching into care-mode.

We believe parenting should not be an isolating experience. Friends, extended family and support networks can contribute to raising your kid from afar, and we want to unlock that experience for both the parents and the wider support network: your village.

We stand for diverse, modern families

We celebrate the changing nature of the American family, its fluidity and diversity. We know that families today look a bit different than they used to: each with their own unique mix of parents, step-siblings, cohabiters and donors, impacted by multi-partner fertility arrangements, remarriages, adoption and gray divorce.

Now, we choose who are our supporters from those we can be vulnerable with, and the people we can call on at any time. These are our backers, our modern family unit. We build our ties with each other not through a sense of duty, but through love and respect.


Moms, we salute you

We are also here to celebrate and support women. We know that over 60% of the funds on our platform are started by people identifying as women and very often the emotional work of bringing families together, and managerial work of running the household is done by women and those who identify as women. Women feel pressure to live up to ideals of intensive parenting, spend more of their time on housework and have taken the biggest hit during the pandemic. We design our platform with you in mind.

Saving together shouldn't be shameful

We are raising families in a world that is changing fast, and we want to help others be smarter about financial decisions and achieve important financial milestones by calling in the support of our tribe. Talking about money with loved ones has always been tricky, and in some cases downright taboo.

The reality is: pooling funds with your wider family actually works. We want to break down the stigma and barriers which prevent us from doing so.

Backer is here to help

We provide the tools and knowhow to help modern families save together: by inviting family and friends to contribute to funds, and build a group of backers that helps save for a kid you love’s future. One of the most important things you can do for your child is remove the lifetime of student debt they might rack up with their educational fees. But you can't do it alone. You need your backers: your tribe, your unit, your diverse, blended and multi-dimensional family; the group of people you keep coming back to in any tough situation, and you know they will always have your back.

The Backer Team 💛


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